New automatic brine filtration system

Brine has become the most economical industrial freezing system on the market.

This great achievement was accomplished thanks to the shower brine system that we invented at Palinox more than three decades ago. The shower brine was very successful as a freezing system in many sectors and especially in the shrimp world.

Now our engineering team has designed a new automatic system that will make the process even easier.

What does the new automatic brine filtration system consist of?

The new automatic brine filtering system has been developed to complete the brine lines.

With this new system we can eliminate manual emptying and filtering and, most importantly, extend the useful life of the brine.

This new filtration system has several stages:

1- Brine extraction
2- Filtration
3- Tank filling
4- Recirculation and level compensation
5- Return to the brine

The new automatic brine filtering system

What are the advantages of this new brine filtration system?

At Palinox we are always researching to offer the most complete and efficient engineering solutions. This new automatic brine filtration system has many advantages for our customers:

Economic savings with this brine filtration system

Economic savings with this brine filtration system

– Thanks to this innovative system, much longer brine life cycles are achieved.
– Downtimes are very short, less than 1 hour compared to 8 hours previously.
– The brine temperature does not rise during cleaning periods due to their short duration.

Limitation of environmental impact

Limitation of environmental impact

Discharges into rivers and seas are becoming more and more frequent and harmful.

This new brine filtering system considerably reduces the frequency and therefore the volume of brine discharges, limiting the impact on the environment.

More frequent tank cleaning

More frequent tank cleaning

– This system allows daily cleaning of the brine tank.

– It is possible to take advantage of the daily cleaning to analyze the mixture and correct it by adding the elements that may be missing.

Limiting the risk of contamination

Limiting the risk of contamination

In a brine tunnel, the risk of contamination is very high due to its high organic matter content, therefore, daily filtering would prevent bacteria from reproducing.

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