Tornado system, large freezing tunnel

Tornado is a high production deep freezing system for freezing in molds and whole fish. Developed by PALINOX to achieve higher performance and efficiency in deep-freezing processes for high productions.

Tornado incorporates state-of-the-art technology with a precise study of the cooling power. In addition to a perfect air channeling and an efficient exchange system adaptable to all refrigerant gases. It also incorporates an Isothermal container.

Tornado is a system of compact and attachable modules for linear and continuous freezing with a single stainless steel belt section. Longitudinally sectioned in two speeds (optional), it is capable of freezing cases (open lids) with several sizes at the same time. In addition, it allows to regulate the speed according to the size and freezing time needs of the product.

Air ducting in the Tornado system

Our channeling system allows us to get the maximum performance out of the product, creating a closed circuit and forcing the product to rub on the top and bottom in a gentle and intelligent way.

This system accelerates the freezing process and the temperature acts faster, reaching the heart of the product sooner.

System elements

Isothermal container


Metal band

Axial fan

Stainless steel belt conveyor


Tornado system models and design

Freezing in cases

Tornado allows to freeze a shrimp production of 2kg, with average size, in 60-75 minutes. 1,500kg/h. This freezing tunnel does not require any construction work and is quick to install.

System maintenance

At PALINOX we are aware of the difficulties in process rooms and the dependence on this freezing equipment. This is especially true in the fish and meat sectors with perishable products. And even more so if the plants are located in areas where spare parts and qualified personnel are scarce.

For this reason, we only use standard materials and recognized brands, taking care that they are present in all cities and countries of the world. We only use thermal protections with high resistance to water (IP-67) and it has diffusers for the daily cleaning of the inside of the belts. In addition, upon request, a pressure pump unit can be incorporated, making disinfection even easier. It is very easy to access the interior, allowing operators to enter during the maintenance program.

Tornado system, compact and self-supporting design

With this design, Palinox has achieved a safe, practical and reliable deep-freezing equipment.

Taking into account the harsh working conditions and also the low temperatures to which it is subjected, we market it compact in most orders.

It is delivered in an isothermal container to avoid possible temperature changes, shocks as well as cracks in the floor. In this way we offer a high insulation power and a way to save energy losses.

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