Storm-pro system, ultra-rapid static and forced-air modular tunnel freezing system

It is an ultra-rapid static and forced-air modular freezing tunnel, with materials that are highly resistant to the environmental agents found in process rooms.
in the process rooms.

PALINOX INGENIERÍA Y PROYECTOS has developed this highly efficient freezing tunnel, totally portable with motorized loading and unloading using a patented dragging system, which allows easy maneuvering.

Equipped with the power duly calculated and sized according to the needs of each situation, it incorporates an evaporation coil of stainless steel tube and compact aluminum fins with a train of helical fans.

It incorporates a fully motorized dragging displacement system, with the capacity to move and displace the platforms with large loads.

Evaporators and air ducting

They are designed to work with all refrigerants existing in the market (Freon, Ammonia and Co2). The evaporators are made of stainless steel with stainless aluminum fin. Customized powers are calculated for each of the needs.

In addition to the freezing efficiency, the double air ducting system is designed to ensure a homogeneous air friction. A homogeneous air friction all around its perimeter allows to obtain an optimum performance avoiding costly losses due to dehydration.

System elements

Isothermal container

Air ducting


Input and output


Mobile platforms

Main advantages

We have incorporated a fully motorized dragging system, with the capacity to move and move the platforms with large loads.

  • Ultra fast and efficient modular freezing.

  • Self-supporting container.

  • Isothermal Container.

  • Sandwich with 125mm polyester sheet.

  • High resistance to low temperatures.

  • Polyester floor with metal guides.

  • Anti-slip surface.

  • Motorized loading and unloading of pallets.

  • Highly hermetic double leaf door.

  • Automatic lights when opening and closing doors.

  • PLC with industrial router, for remote technical assistance.

Storm-pro system models and design

Complete freezing lines

They are manufactured in two standard models for different productions 3.000 and 5.000 kg per Cycle, with a meticulous study for each order and product.
Dimensions and power can vary according to the capacities and objectives of the project.

Kcal/h – Kw
Cooling capacity
STORM PRO 30003.000908.5 x 2.5 x 2.7
STORM PRO 50005.00012011.5 X 2.7 X 3.3

System maintenance

PALINOX is aware of the difficulties encountered in processing rooms, and of the dependence on this freezing equipment, mainly in the fishing and meat sectors with perishable products, and even more so if the plants are located in areas where spare parts and qualified personnel are scarce, for this reason, we only use standard materials of recognized brands, taking care that they are present in all cities and countries of the world. Incorporating only thermal protections of great resistance to water (IP-67), it has diffusers for the daily interior cleaning of the belts, and under request, a group with a pressure pump can be incorporated, facilitating even more the disinfection. It is very easy to access the interior, allowing operators to enter during the maintenance program.

Storm-Pro system, compact and self-supporting design

Being a self-supporting equipment, easy to install and maneuver, our modular, efficient and fast freezing tunnel is the most profitable alternative in the short term for production peaks, avoiding investments in large works.

PALINOX has achieved with this design a safe, practical and reliable equipment. We have taken into account the harsh working conditions and low temperatures to which it is subjected, so it is marketed in almost all our orders compact and protected in an isothermal container, as there is no other better method to withstand temperature changes, thus also solving the problems of bumps and cracks in the floor, gaining a high insulation power and saving energy losses.

PALigloo® isothermal container

The isothermal chamber of the Storm-Pro freezing system is a determining factor in the savings and durability of this equipment.

It is made of new generation materials forming a monoblock.

In addition, the floor inside is hardened and reinforced with epoxy resins granulated with quartz sand.

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