What is industrial food freezing?

Industrial freezing of food is the solidification of water contained in food at a temperature below the melting point (0ºC) where the proportion of water is converted into ice.

To define the time that the freezing process should last in different foods, the initial and final temperature, the temperature of the refrigerant and also the product transfer coefficient, among others, must be taken into account.

Industrial freezing techniques

Air freezing

The heat transfer is done by convection, i.e. a cold air current extracts the heat from the product until it reaches the desired freezing temperature. It is usually used in products of a small size, however, in Palinox with the technological advances every time we manage to increase the efficiency of this process reaching to offer quick freezing for various types of products and formats.

Immersion freezing

The best known process is brining. This is a solution of sodium chloride (water and salt) at very low temperatures and is the most efficient and economical system for freezing foods, especially seafood. The properties offered by this type of freezing, due to the speed of heat transfer, allow freezing times to be reduced to surprisingly low levels.

Brine for showers

The system designed and manufactured by Palinox SAL-SHOWER and SAL-SHOWER-ECO, like the immersion system, consists of a sodium chloride solution at very low temperatures that is passed through a perforated tray, which falls as a shower over the product. It is the perfect solution for large production volumes and can reduce freezing times to a minimum.

Industrial air freezing

One of the particularities, among others of great importance, is the air conduction.

In PALINOX we have developed an innovative ducting system perfectly designed to get the maximum performance out of the product. This is achieved by means of air flow simulation techniques and heat transfer calculations.

In this way we have managed to create a closed circuit where the maximum friction surface is obtained on both the top and the bottom of the food. This speeds up the freezing process of the product and also allows the temperature to act more quickly, reaching the heart of the piece sooner.


It is a new generation of linear freezing equipment for IQF, developed by PALINOX engineers, to achieve higher performance and efficiency in deep-freezing processes. It is a compact linear tunnel, equipped with new technologies, with materials that are highly resistant to the environmental agents found in processing rooms. It is also ergonomic, easy to install and operate. Customized powers are calculated for each of the needs. In addition to the freezing efficiency, the intelligent air channeling system allows the cooling energy to be transmitted to the product with the minimum requirements and in the shortest possible time.


It allows to freeze by forced air production volumes between 1500 kg and 2500 kg/hr in IQF or 2kg tray format. Like the Cyclone system, this Tornado design features advanced dual-flow air channeling technology to reach the heart of the product in the shortest possible time.


It is an ultra fast static and forced air modular freezing tunnel, with materials of high resistance to the environmental agents found in the process rooms. Equipped with the power duly calculated and dimensioned according to the needs of each situation, it incorporates an evaporation coil of stainless steel tube and compact aluminum fins with a train of helicoidal fans.


It is a new generation IQF freezing equipment, developed by PALINOX engineers to achieve higher performance and efficiency in quick freezing processes.

It is a compact spiral freezing tunnel, equipped with new technologies, with materials highly resistant to the environmental agents found in processing rooms. Ergonomic, easy to install as well as to operate with essential operating features.

Brine immersion freezing system

Brine is the most efficient and economical system for freezing foods, especially seafood. The properties offered by this type of freezing, due to the speed of heat transfer, allow freezing times to be reduced to surprising minimums.


It is a compact, high performance equipment for quick freezing by sodium chloride (liquid brine). Specific and accepted, very useful for some freezing processes in the fishing sector, ideal for freezing sardines, shrimps, cooked or uncooked shrimps. We manufacture several freezing systems, specifically this equipment is designed for continuous freezing by immersion in IQF. Unlike conventional immersion equipment, this equipment freezes the product directly without the need of boxes, baskets or overhead hoists.

Brine for showers


This is a complete continuous line, developed for high production rates up to 6,000 kilos per hour. It has a compact and self-supporting design (no need for civil works) and is characterized by its quick installation. PALINOX engineers have achieved with this design, a safe, practical and reliable equipment. It is marketed in almost all our orders, compact and protected in an isothermal container.


This is a continuous shower freezing line for small production spaces of 1000, 1500 and 2000 kilos per hour, consisting only of a brine and a drying tunnel, compact and self-supporting, easy and quick to install. It allows freezing in trays.

On which foods is industrial freezing used?

Industrial freezing is currently used in many sectors, especially in the food industry, offering faster freezing and high quality of the finished product.

Among the main freezing methods most commonly used are IQF forced air freezing and also shower freezing with the brine system.

Fish and seafood

Leaders in engineering and manufacturing of continuous freezing tunnels for the food sector, especially the fishing industry.

Meat and poultry

Freezing, cutting and glazing solutions for the meat industry. Increased performance and efficiency in quick freezing processes.

Fruits and vegetables

Experts in lines that provide savings in production costs, as well as optimization of processes and quality of the finished product.

Bakery and others

The lines and processes are designed for any food product whose process requires IQF (deep freezing) freezing.

At Palinox we are experts in industrial freezing.

In Palinox we have been dedicated throughout these 40 years to the study, design and manufacture of processing and freezing for the food industry, with a deep focus on forced air freezing for IQF and brine shower freezing.

We offer our customers the most complete solutions helping them to be more competitive and helping them to improve their yields and production volumes.

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