Cutting-edge freezing engineering: an in-depth look at Palinox’s Storm-Pro system

Explore Innovation with Palinox Storm-Pro System

In the intricate terrain of industrial freezing engineering, Palinox emerges as a leader with its ultra-fast static modular tunnel freezer, the Storm-Pro system.

More than an innovation, this system represents an advanced technical solution that operates with forced air, taking efficiency to new heights.

Storm-Pro System
Motorized propulsion technology with Storm-Pro system

Motorized propulsion technology for operational efficiency

The Storm-Pro system is distinguished by its fully motorized trailing traversing system.

This component not only facilitates the maneuvering of platforms with substantial loads, but also ensures operational efficiency during critical production phases.

Adaptability and customized performance

With standard models ranging from 2000 up to 5000kg, Palinox is a company with technical adaptability.

Each freezing line is subjected to a detailed analysis, adjusting dimensions and power according to the specificities of each project, thus ensuring a customized and efficient performance.

Customized adaptability and performance of the Storm-Pro system
Optimized Storm-Pro buttering

Intrinsic durability and optimized maintenance

Durability in critical environments is essential, and the Storm-Pro System addresses this need with its self-supporting container.

Constructed with standard materials from recognized brands, it ensures strength and global availability of spare parts.

Highly water-resistant thermal protection (IP-67), diffusers for daily cleaning and the option of a pressure pump unit for disinfection further simplify maintenance and enhance the durability of the system.

Technical access for continuous maintainability

Ease of access to the interior of the system is a key technical aspect. It allows the entry of operators during maintenance operations, ensuring regular inspections and optimizing operational continuity.

In conclusion, the Storm-Pro not only represents a revolution in industrial freezing, but from a technical perspective, it embodies the precise integration of advanced engineering.

. Join us in the technical evolution of industrial freezing!

Storm-Pro System

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