fish and cephalopods

Cleaning systems for food products

Peeler for cuttlefish P-500

The P-500 peeler is a robust, safe and efficient equipment of proven efficiency.

It is polyvalent for all fresh fish that need to be peeled mainly and tested: cuttlefish, squid, skate, ray, sole, halibut fillet and others.

Cuttlefish and squid peeler P-1000-AUTO

Our automatic cuttlefish and squid peeler P-1000-AUTO is a high performance standard equipment. It is a cuttlefish and squid peeling machine ILLEX designed to be part of a continuous line. In order to obtain the maximum profitability it is essential to incorporate a food hopper, which can reach peak productions of 1.000 Kg/hour and for squids without fins of 900-1.000 Kg/hour.

Octopus curling washing machine LA-1200-AUTO

Equipment designed for washing and tamping of all types of cephalopods (mainly for octopus curling) with a capacity of 300kg. The unloading process is automated. By pre-programming the washing and crimping process, the octopus will be unloaded automatically. It is also possible, with the help of other online elements, to make the loading automatic.

Washing and bathing tank TBA-1000+L-400

Our washing and tamping tank with Jacuzzi system and paddles is specially designed for all types of cephalopods (mainly for: squid, squid ring, cuttlefish and octopus among others). Due to its performance, it is adaptable to all our continuous cleaning process lines. It is equipped with all the necessary elements for a correct operation: washing time with automatic stop, product output speed regulation and air blowing time control.

Information on cleaning and peeling systems

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