What is industrial brine freezing?

Industrial brine freezing is a process where a sodium chloride solution (water and salt) is used at very low temperatures to freeze food products. This is the most efficient and economical system for freezing food, especially seafood.

The sodium chloride solution absorbs the heat of the process and thus maintains a constant temperature. This ensures that the product is frozen uniformly.

Brine is the most efficient and economical system for freezing shrimp and other seafood and aquaculture products.

industrial brine freezing

Types of brine freezing

Food freezing by brine can be achieved in two ways: either by immersion of the product or by spraying the solution on the product through a shower system designed by Palinox.

Brine immersion freezing

Product immersion in brine

This type of industrial brine freezing consists of immersing the product in a concentrated sodium chloride solution and then in refrigerated water.

Product freezing is fast and uniform. It is very useful for some freezing processes in the fishing sector, ideal for freezing sardines, shrimp, cooked or uncooked shrimp.

Brine showers for freezing

Brine showers

At Palinox we have devised a brine freezing system through a shower system. With new generation technology, it incorporates an innovative water impulsion system (without pumps).

The system, designed and manufactured by Palinox Sal-shower and Sal-shower ECO, consists of a sodium chloride solution at very low temperatures that is passed through a perforated tray, which falls in the form of a shower on top of the product. This is the perfect solution for large production volumes and can reduce freezing times to a minimum.

Benefits of brine as a freezing system

This freezing system reduces freezing times to an astonishing minimum thanks to the speed of heat transfer.

Palinox’s patented brine delivery system saves costly maintenance and saves up to 40% in energy costs compared to other conventional models.

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